4SDraw… Your Hunt Begins Now!

Draw the biggest bucks in the neighborhood to your property with 4S DRAW. 4S DRAW is a high intensity deer attractant formulated to draw deer in from a distance and keep them on your property year round. Whether it’s for trail camera inventory of your herd, attracting more deer to your property or bringing your ‘shooter’ bucks out during shooting hours, 4S DRAW is proven to produce RESULTS.

  • Rapid response formula: in most cases 4S DRAW will have deer showing up in 1 to 5 hours after being poured out.
  • Extremely desirable, high intensity aroma that deer will travel for and devour.
  • Offers 2x the protein and fat of corn with added vitamins and minerals to promote antler growth and help support overall herd health.
  • Available at TC Outdoors in 10.5lb bags and 25lb bags.

Stop by TC Outdoors today and pick up a bag or two!